I have been in the wellness industry for over 12 years, as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and now as a wellness coach!  I am passionate about helping people create healthier lives, one step at a time.  I am a mom of two, almost done graduate school (getting a master's in Wellness and Lifestyle management), in the army national guard officer candidate school, and currently in qualification to become district manager with arbonne (pure and botanically based health and wellness products).  My goals for myself, and everyone i work with, are to always improve myself and continue a path of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, while being realistic and remembering to enjoy life!  I pull from all my life experiences and have worked with hundreds of people to approach things from a sensitive, open-minded, genuine place completely judgment-free, with a little bit of tough love when needed.  ;)   

Helping You Stay Healthy!

There is nothing greater than the feeling of accomplishment. Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, maintain your current health and fitness level, train for a sport, or work on balance and coordination, I want to help you. We can achieve so many goals together.  

Also, if you would like to work on a more balanced life, create whole wellness and begin a journey towards an overall healthier you, wellness coaching might be a great option.  I am your ally throughout your journey and my goal is to help guide you through these behavior changes, and create a more balanced wellness wheel for a more balanced, happier, healthier life.  I'm here to help you with whatever goals you have and I know we can accomplish them together.